About Us

Founder’s Inspiration

As a practitioner in fashion industry for over 10 years and a vintage fascinator at the same time.

Although 60% garment of my closet are vintage, but still it’s quite hard to pick up appropriated pieces for daily look as most of the pattern of vintage is exaggerated and complicated.  (Eg, 50’s tiny waist size for umbrella skirt, 60’s big shoulder and high saturation color)

People always like shopping daily garment from fast fashion retailer even though the quality can’t keep until next season.

Abstracting the essential from vintage clothing, changing into simple daily look, making more people know the beauty of vintage, is the original intention we build up the brand.


1classic, lasts longer.

Got Inspiration from vintage boutique all around the world—

Edward’s embroidery shirt from 1900’s

Traditional craft rose print dress from 1930’s

Crochet lace cardigan from 1980’s every single piece from different generation enlightened us in various  way.

We expecting every garment from simpleretro could stay in closet  for longer  time, becoming next piece of vintage.

2fine fabric, vintage pattern

We go to the original fabric manufactory every season to insure the quality

of collection. 

The 80*80 cotton we use from weiqiao, Shandong province, which is the No.3 cotton base around the world. Tencel from lenzing company and the polyester fabric we use are the same standard of luxury brand which pass the AATCC including environment-protection standard as well.


3) sustainable process of production

We update our collection in 60 days for the stable and higher quality way to produce.

To guarantee every garment’s quality, we use constantly and constantly way to cooperate with prior class factory.

We hope every piece from simpleretro can beyond your expectation.